MAY 2019

The Deductions is an all-star group of sessions players, producers and songwriters, organized and overseen by the esteemed player/writer/producer and singer extraordinaire Dillon O'Brien. The group has been performing Friday nights at The Write-Off Room in Woodland Hills, CA, since the club opened a year ago. ( The rotating roster of musicians includes guitar players Dean Parks, Geoff Perlman, George Doering, Billy Watts and Cary Park; keyboard players Steve Lindsey and Jim Cox; bass players David Jackson and Sebastian Steinberg; and drummer James Cruce. I've been subbing for Jim for about a month, as he's  out on tour with Mark Knopfler for a few more weeks.

There is no set list, no rehearsals, and sometimes no charts. It's all on the loose, held together by DOB's desire to sabotage the often predictability of cats getting together and jamming somewhere, his love of great songs, and his wicked sense of humor. The material covers a whole lot of ground--Tom T. Hall, Steely Dan, Jimmy Reed, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The White Stripes.,etc. If you're in the SoCal area, I highly recommend gittin' on down while the gittin's good.