1. Le Feu

From the recording Le Feu

     Anyone who hears Johnny Hallyday's name mentioned, if they know who he is at all, will frequently respond, "Oh, the French Elvis?" This conjures up images of a sweaty overweight man in a jumpsuit doing some kind of a Vegas rock and roll show. Having played hundreds of concerts with Johnny over several years, I can assure you that is not who he is. When I toured and recorded with him, he was a commanding, fiery and incredibly charismatic performer. With an ability to both kick-ass on hard-edged rock and roll material as well as interpret dramatic, deeply moving ballads, Johnny never coasted or held back.         
    I've included this track in its entirety because to me it captures the cyclonic energy of what it was frequently like on stage with him.  Recorded live at the Olympia in Paris.