New DVD release of an exciting series of concerts throughout Australia in 2013-14, which includes the band opening for Robert Plant, as well as headlining several performances at the Byron Bay Music Festival. First-class production, with PFC in top form. And--don't miss "Yahamba" (last track on the DVD), which features a fairly smokin' solo by "the keyboard player"..............



Duo album by PFC's Jason Tamba and Mermans Mosengo. A heartfelt, soulful mixture of classic covers and  original material.



Al and I did an interview/spontaneous duet performance for "Down The Rhodes--The Fender Rhodes Story", a very cool ongoing film/book project documenting the huge and lasting impact the Fender Rhodes electric piano has had (and continues to have) on jazz/pop/funk/soul music for nearly 50 years. Now available as a Special Edition DVD. For all the details, please visit the website ---



My long-time friend and associate T-Bone Burnett asked me to play and help work on the overall concept of an album he was going to produce on legendary singer/actress Betty Buckley. The three of us met a few times and went over a wide range of material. Betty and I then continued on with several days of pre-production together, meticulously honing arrangements, keys, etc.

The album tracks were recorded in a whirlwind two days at the Village Recorders in L.A. The results--Betty's haunting understated performance, T-Bone's visionary production, Jason Wormer's brilliant engineering and mixing, all the musicians (including the incredible Bill Frisell on guitars)--are spectacular. Please visit these links to learn more about the album!

Also available to preview and purchase on Amazon and ITunes---------