Cool Out Baby

Billy Vera
Billy Vera


  BILLY VERA-TIMELESS                    

Billy Vera is a living legend. From his early days as a songwriter for hire, through his deeply soulful bands, including Billy and the Beaters, his estimable literary skills as a music historian, writer of important album liner notes, and composer of many incredible songs, Billy has always been the real deal. His Wikipedia page is well worth a visit --

Thanks in part to a few extremely enjoyable and detailed pre-production get-togethers with Billy, Tony Braunagel, Lon Price and myself, this is one of those albums where everything went right. Basic tracks (including most solos) were cut in three days. There is an unforced immediacy in all the songs--loose, and rock solid at the same time.

"Cool Out Baby" is a song that Billy wrote just a few days before we started tracking. it could just as well have been written 50 years ago--and I mean that as a compliment. It is Timeless--for real. And funny!

I did overdub my B-3 solo on this one. Billy urged me to go for it, and jump on that crazy Jimmy Smith/Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolff vibe. It was a first take baby. Judging from the applause, i guess I got there....